Outside The Box

Our Kids Our Future

Through technology and tailored-made creative
art class, we can discover kid's talent and
improve emotional health in early childhood
outside the box

How it works


1. Join our Courses

Through joining 5-weeks creative art class, we can understand kid’s talent.

2. Box is on the way

All the class material will be delivered to home.

3. Grow with child

Children can attend the art class with video and material. Our teaching material helps kids to build up their creativity, thus train up their mind to think positive.

4. Share art work

Children can submit their artwork on the platform. Parents can enjoy children’s artwork on the web.
our program

5 weeks Art Program

Tailored made art program to learn art and observe emotional health
Learning 3 original color, secondary color, warm and cool tone color
Learning different shapes, and using those shapes to create pictures. From shape to art piece.
Training up kids finger muscle and creating their art piece in 3D dimension.
let our kid speak through art. Creative art can train up kids to solve the problems and be positive.


Interested in art education for your child? Outside The Box is the right decision!